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Suzi Richer

Pollen Analyst – Environmental Archaeologist – Communicating the environment

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Waste not, want not

The saying also applies to poo. This might not be a post to read over your breakfast. On the edge of the villages that we’re walking through there are often big mounds of dried pine needles, like the pile behind the two horses. These provide an insulating and soft bedding for the animals. When the […]

Women take four hours to burn

“For men it takes about three hours to burn and for women it takes four hours. Do you know why?” asks our friendly guide. We hazard a guess that women have more flab. We’re not far from the truth. Pashupatinath temple is the one of most important Shiva Hindu temples in the world, but the […]

Langtang Gompa – what is it?

It is a place for everyone, even trekkers who need shelter from the elements. This link takes you a photograph taken in 1972 by someone who took shelter overnight inside the gompa; sleeping on the wooden floor and with a wood fire for warmth. Another, more practical answer, is that it is a Buddhist monastery […]


That was my photograph on the home page, small, but it was definitely mine. It was 6:15, I was awake and struggling to breathe. I’d had a similar experience a couple of weeks ago, but that was from lack of oxygen at altitude. Today, I just had a cough and very block-up nose. Not wanting […]

Nepelese Women Skill Development Project

You never know what a chance encounter in a bar may bring. Jim was chatting to a Australian girl, Sheng Fe (I hope if I’ve spelt that correctly), when I sat down and joined them. ‘I bought this today,’ she said holding up a beautifully woven bag. ‘It was only 600 rupees and all the […]

Festival of Colours

‘Do you want to change the flights and go to the Festival in Pokhara?’ Hayley asked us last night. We’d found out that there was a festival happening in Pokhara today and there was a chance to fly there a day earlier than planned to make it. So, we were up at 4:45am and in […]

Hot water

Monday 25th March Hot showers. Amazing. Something so simple, but something we’ve been without since leaving Kathmandu 22 days ago. The tea house in Jomsom, where we’re staying, has an amazing solar hot water system. I’m finally clean.

Yak Donald’s?

Sunday 24th March ‘It’s just another tea house,’ says Hayley, as we descend the dusty path towards Kagbeni. ‘You didn’t expect a drive thru did you?’ Sheepishly, James, Jim and I all admit that we were, perhaps, expecting a little more of a yak themed, local, McDonald’s-style restaurant…with yak milk shakes and yak burgers… rather […]

‘No tea house here’

Saturday 23rd March ‘You want rest?’ came a lady’s voice from the flat roof above us. At least that was what I heard. We had paused outside her house for Jim to take a photo of the street. James, Jim and I had taken the morning off and we were meandering through the narrow streets […]

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