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Suzi Richer

Pollen Analyst – Environmental Archaeologist – Communicating the environment

Tag / Travel

Travel – safety in numbers

“Is this where the dala-dala stops?” I ask the guy who is standing by a slight bulge in the kerb of the road. To be honest I’m not entirely sure what a dala-dala looks like. But I have a feeling it’s basically a minibus. And whilst I’m massively apprehensive of it, I have little option […]


The taxi on the flat…      …the taxi rolling down the hill Friday 29th March Having walked well over 140km in the last few weeks without stepping foot inside any type of vehicle, it seemed slightly strange to fly from Jomsom to Pokhara.That flight (in a 15 seater) was nothing compared to our taxi ride […]

Hand cream, children and flying

Free sweets, free drinks and hand cream in the loos. It’s been a while since I last took a long-haul international flight. I’ve not quite mastered the art of getting out of the loo, i.e. turning the round, smooth, aluminium doorknob, with fingers smothered in hand cream, Qatar’s national airline, Qatar Airways, has some pretty […]

Packing with help

‘Five types of moisturiser?’ said Nick, ‘Really?’ That was yesterday, when I realised that half of what I wanted, or needed, to take wouldn’t actually go in my 60+10 litre pack. So, this afternoon, with some help from our cat Juno, we set about reducing the contents of the bag. I can now close it […]

30 minutes in the British Museum – Room 33

‘Room 33 covers China, South Asia and South East Asia,’ I was told by a smiley girl with long blonde hair on the information desk. ‘It’ll be quieter than some of the more popular galleries,’ on what appeared to me as a busy Saturday, ‘Some of the pieces in there are fab,’ added the girl. […]