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Suzi Richer

Pollen Analyst – Environmental Archaeologist – Communicating the environment

Tag / Nepal

Packing with help

‘Five types of moisturiser?’ said Nick, ‘Really?’ That was yesterday, when I realised that half of what I wanted, or needed, to take wouldn’t actually go in my 60+10 litre pack. So, this afternoon, with some help from our cat Juno, we set about reducing the contents of the bag. I can now close it […]

30 minutes in the British Museum – Room 33

‘Room 33 covers China, South Asia and South East Asia,’ I was told by a smiley girl with long blonde hair on the information desk. ‘It’ll be quieter than some of the more popular galleries,’ on what appeared to me as a busy Saturday, ‘Some of the pieces in there are fab,’ added the girl. […]

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