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Suzi Richer

Pollen Analyst – Environmental Archaeologist – Communicating the environment

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8 Oct 2016: Leaving Addis Ababa…

Originally posted on The Human Seasons:
Today I should have been making my way back from the UNESCO world heritage site of Konso, in the south west of Ethiopia, to the captial Addis Ababa. But the on-going protests there (and strong government response) flared up again a couple of weeks ago. These events bypassed the international media.…

25 June 2016 – 8th stage of grief

Originally posted on The Human Seasons:
Shock or Disbelief Denial Anger Bargaining Guilt Depression Acceptance and Hope I don’t mean this to sound melodramatic, and I certainly don’t mean to belittle these emotions for someone who is grieving for a loved one, but I honestly feel like I went through most of the seven stages…

A day for encounters with buckwheat

Thursday 20th March 2014 We started and finished today with buckwheat. So guess what the following short piece is about! Unfortunately, signal is very weak here so I can’t upload photos at the moment, but I will add some when I can. Pictures now added (Friday) – it was getting dark when I took the […]


The taxi on the flat…      …the taxi rolling down the hill Friday 29th March Having walked well over 140km in the last few weeks without stepping foot inside any type of vehicle, it seemed slightly strange to fly from Jomsom to Pokhara.That flight (in a 15 seater) was nothing compared to our taxi ride […]

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