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Suzi Richer

Pollen Analyst – Environmental Archaeologist – Communicating the environment

Category / #30DaysWild

#30DaysWild 21 June 2016

An evening stroll around Castlefield, Manchester. Nice to see ‘wild’ gets everywhere, whether at the hands of people, or in spite of them. #30DaysWild

#30DaysWild 19 June 2016

After a couple of days of travelling again, it was lovely to spend some time in my parents’ beautiful garden this morning. I even have some reminders of it to take away with me…  #30DaysWild

#30DaysWild 15 June 2016

Enjoying sitting outside and eating stuffed pumpkin flowers, a first for me. You can even see the pollen stuck in the cheese!  If you ever find yourself in Rome I can thoroughly recommend La Taverna dei Quaranta. Proper Italian food, not touristy in the slightest and yet still close to the Colesseum.  #30DaysWild

#30DaysWild 14 June 2016

An entire day spent outside learning how even farming needs to  stay connected to the ‘wild’. Bees are used not just for pollination, but also to monitor the agricultural practices on the farm. Flower strips are planted near all the greenhouses to encourage insects vital for plant health and pollination. And we even got to […]

#30DaysWild 13 June 2016 Nature in Rome

Ruins, architecture, art. All things I expected to find in Rome. I didn’t expect the swallows swooning around the colosseum or the wonderful wild flowers growing in the Circus Maximus, or all the trees along the Tiber.

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