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Suzi Richer

Pollen Analyst – Environmental Archaeologist – Communicating the environment

Author / Suzi Richer

#30DaysWild 8 June 2016

Enjoying a couple of minutes in mine and my neighbour’s verdant courtyard. On a day when I haven’t been able to step outside the house, just grabbing those few moments amongst the plants is special. #30DaysWild

#30DaysWild 7 June 2016

Running along the riverbank this morning with the cloying scent of the cow parsley and the sun-baked clay reminded me of this: TRAINING RUN by Adam Horovitz for Ashley Loveridge   Linear. Beyond lines. Path swallowed by the mare’s tail flick of cow parsley. Your feet pound out the hollowed laughter of this discarded canal. A […]

#30DaysWild 6 June 2016

Having been recently reminded by @rcljones of this beautiful tale, today’s encounter with the natural world is through literature.  The difference a few acorns can make… #30DaysWild

#30DaysWild 4 June 2016

What a glorious day! And what better way to spend it than helping these chaps… …by taking part in the National Trust’s Grasmere Gallop – with two wonderful friends…I enjoyed every minute – thank you Cath and Alex! We did it 🙂 

A tale of two palaces: a beginners guide to interpretation

“It’s a…qw-urn stone,” said our guide pointing to the dark, crescent-shaped supine stone in the ‘industrial’ area of Malia Minoan Palace. He’d pulled a lined piece of paper out of his pocket with the word ‘quern stone’ written in red gel pen. After we’d told him it was a saddle quern, he squeezed the word […]

Waste not, want not

The saying also applies to poo. This might not be a post to read over your breakfast. On the edge of the villages that we’re walking through there are often big mounds of dried pine needles, like the pile behind the two horses. These provide an insulating and soft bedding for the animals. When the […]

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