25 June 2016 – 8th stage of grief

The Human Seasons

  • Shock or Disbelief
  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Guilt
  • Depression
  • Acceptance and Hope

I don’t mean this to sound melodramatic, and I certainly don’t mean to belittle these emotions for someone who is grieving for a loved one, but I honestly feel like I went through most of the seven stages of grief yesterday.

What rescued me at the end of the day was stepping onto a flight to Toulouse and being made so welcome by my French hosts. I feel like I’ve run away, but it’s also given me some perspective.

Whilst I don’t deny there are going to be changes, changes that are unknown and probably unpalatable; we are archaeologists. And there are a number of traits I think we share as archaeologists that will see us through this.

  1. The first is an ability to look beyond the now. This is usually directed to the past, but the important thing…

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One thought on “25 June 2016 – 8th stage of grief

  1. Thanks Suzi. That’s helped a bit! I missed out denial, anger has stayed with me into the depression stage! Looking forward to moving on!

    We go to Rhodes next week, I feel too ashamed to speak to anyone. “Order me a Mythos please someone!”

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