Sunday 10th March

‘Ah, Mother’s Day!’ said Dil.

I’d been trying to explain Mother’s Day to Dil, and that it is celebrated in the UK today. The problem was, I hadn’t actually used the words ‘Mother’s Day’.

It turns out that Dil’s family, who I think are Hindu, but also observe Buddhist practices, celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day like us. They go a step further though and celebrate Brother’s Day and Sister’s Day too!

‘What do people do who don’t have a mum?’ asks Dil.

Hayley and I think for a moment. We say that some women have their own children now, so they are the focus of the day, or perhaps if they have lost their mum they might visit their grave.

‘Here if people don’t have a mother they visit the temple for puja, wash in a cold shower and give money to the poor,’ says Dil.

Although it is Mother’s Day in the UK today, it isn’t celebrated in Nepal until September. Today is a festival day, but for the god Shiva. However, in the mountains this festival has completely passed us by.

Location: Dikhure Pokhari.
Altitude: 3240m

P.S. Mum, Happy Mother’s Day x