Monday 11th March

Can anyone help identify this poo?

A local guide took us up a side valley to a religious rock art site this afternoon. The hour and a half trek to the site followed the river valley closer towards the imposing Annapurna range.

We plodded through snow, sometimes a 18 inches deep; passed winter stables for yak; crossed old avalanche fields, meandered our way through pine and juniper forest and after a scramble found ourselves at the rock face – some 300m above the village.

Along the way we saw this poo. Our guide and Dil thought it might be snow leopard or jackal – both are apparently known in the area. I’d dearly love it to be snow leopard, but realise it probably isn’t.

Each section is about 4-5cm long. It was found on the path in the woods at about 3350m. Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

Location: Pisang (Lower)
Alt: 3200m