6th March

Someone told us, it might have been Resham in Besi Sahar, that the Annapurna trekking route was good because it was a gradual climb and not too undulating. We may only be into our third day, but I beg to differ (sorry Resham).Today, we have climbed from Germu which was about 1350m to 1700m. That’s not a huge climb, but it’s constantly going down to come back up again. Most of today’s height gain was actually in the last hour.

I’ve been in the wars a bit the last couple of days, with bites on my legs, twisting my ankle yesterday and falling down the stairs today… I’m recovering well though! The walk was tough on my ankle this morning, but it seems to be almost back to normal this evening. I’m glad I decided not to leave the ankle support at home, which I almost did when the ‘scaling back’ took place.

Tomorrow we’re heading to Danaque, a 500m height gain and it should only take three hours, according to the board in the photo. I hope I’m wrong, but I think it might take a little longer, even without stopping for archaeology…

(We’ve lost signal here, it seems we should have a different SIM card for this area. I’m not sure when this will go live, so I’m putting today’s date at the top.)

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