Darkness falls very quickly here. A flock of birds just came into roost in a tree next to the campsite. I tried to put a recording up as an audio post, but it didn’t work unfortunately!

We arrived in Besi Sahar this afternoon after a six hour minibus ride. Roads were surprisingly smooth, although it seems that you can drive on any side of the road going around a blind corner, as long as you beep your horn repeatedly.


The whole landscape is terraced, with ‘steps’ right up to the top of the hillside. The main crops growing are barley, potatoes, onions and cauliflowers. The fallow terraces are covered with a beautiful purple flower, which looks like it’s the Nepali equivalent of stinging nettle – growing everywhere on disturbed ground. It outlines gardens, fills fallow terraces and is dots the roadside.

Lat Long: N: 28°14’10.2″, E 084°22’29.1″, using the Indian (Pakistan) datum.

Alt: 818m